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Easily create complex electrical schematics. In Drawlogix there are 2 ways to organize a drawing on multiple sheets, flat or hierarchical.
Drawlogix Schematic
Drawlogix SPICE Simulation
Drawlogix Includes a SPICE / XSPICE simulator to analyze the behavior of the electronic circuit before creating the prototype. For students it is a useful tool to verify and put into practice the concepts acquired.
Drawlogix Interactive Simulation
Interactive Simulation
The mixed-mode simulator has the ability to perform interactive simulations to instantly visualize and analyze the behavior of the circuit. Several virtual components are available.Includes an oscilloscope and other virtual instruments.
Drawlogix PCB
Single, double or multi layer PCBs with or without schematic.
Footprint Wizard
The wizard allows you to easily create component footprints. The wizard takes actual component dimensions from the manufacturer's datasheet and automatically generates component footprints. Many component families are available.
Drawlogix Footprint Wizard
Drawlogix PCB 3D
3D Viewer
Full 3D Board Visualization.
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