This is a two-port convolution model for single-conductor lossy transmission lines. The general form of the instance of a lossy transmission line is the following:

O<name> <A_node1> <A_node2> <B_node1> <B_node2> <model name> [IC=<VA,IA,VB,IB>]

Note Note: A lossy transmission line with zero loss may be more accurate than the lossless transmission line due to implementation details.



Is the name of the component and the initial letter O identifies the lossy transmission lines.

A_node1, A_node2

Are the nodes at port A.

B_node1, B_node2

Are the nodes at port B.

model name

Is the model name.


The (optional) initial condition specification consists of the voltage and current at each of the transmission line ports. Note that the initial conditions (if any) apply 'only' if the UIC option is specified on the .TRAN control line.


O1 1 0 2 0 LOSSYMOD

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