The general form of the instance of a uniform distributed RC Line is the following:

U<name> <node1> <node2> <node3> <model name> L=<len> [N=<lumps>]



Is the name of the component and the initial letter U identifies the uniform distributed RC Lines.


node1 and node2 are the two element nodes the RC line connects, while node3 is the node to which the capacitances are connected.

model name

Is the model name.


Is the length of the RC line in meters.


If specified, is the number of lumped segments to use in modelling the RC line (see the model description for the action taken if this parameter is omitted).


U1 1 2 0 URCMOD L=50U
URC2 1 12 2 UMODL l=1MIL N=6

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