Parameter Description
icvbe Initial B-E voltage
icvce Initial C-E voltage
area Area factor
temp Instance temperature
ic Current at collector node
ib Current at base node
ie Emitter current
is Substrate current
vbe B-E voltage
vbc B-C voltage
gm Small signal transconductance
gpi Small signal input conductance - pi
gmu Small signal conductance - mu
gx Conductance from base to internal base
go Small signal output conductance
geqcb d(Ibe)/d(Vbc)
gccs Internal C-S cap. equiv. cond.
geqbx Internal C-B-base cap. equiv. cond.
cpi Internal base to emitter capacitance
cmu Internal base to collector capacitance
cbx Base to collector capacitance
ccs Collector to substrate capacitance
cqbe Cap. due to charge storage in B-E jct.
cqbc Cap. due to charge storage in B-C jct.
cqcs Cap. due to charge storage in C-S jct.
cqbx Cap. due to charge storage in B-X jct.
cexbc Total Capacitance in B-X junction
qbe Charge storage B-E junction
qbc Charge storage B-C junction
qcs Charge storage C-S junction
qbx Charge storage B-X junction
p Power dissipation