Digital-to-Analog Node Bridge

The DAC bridge takes as input a digital value from a digital node. This value by definition may take on only one of the values Low, High or Unknown. The DAC bridge then outputs the value OUT_LOW, OUT_HIGH or OUT_UNDEF, or ramps linearly toward one of these final values from its current analog output level. The speed at which this ramping occurs depends on the values of T_RISE and T_FALL.


The use of DAC bridges and ADC bridges can only be useful for components modeled with subcircuits that export digital nodes.


Parameter Description Units Default
OUT_LOW Analog output for Low digital input. V DGTGND
OUT_HIGH Analog output for High digital input. V DGTPWR
OUT_UNDEF Analog output for Undefined digital input. V (DGTGND+DGTPWR)/2
T_FALL Output High to Low propagation delay. s DGTTFALL
T_RISE Output Low to High propagation delay. s DGTTRISE