The length of the line may be expressed in either of two forms. The transmission delay, TD, may be specified directly (as TD=10ns, for example). Alternatively, a frequency F may be given, together with NL, the normalized electrical length of the transmission line with respect to the wavelength in the line at the frequency F. If a frequency is specified but NL is omitted, 0.25 is assumed (that is, the frequency is assumed to be the quarter-wave frequency). Note that although both forms for expressing the line length are indicated as optional, one of the two must be specified.

A lossy transmission line with zero loss may be more accurate than the lossless transmission line due to implementation details.


Parameter Description Units
Z0 Characteristic impedance. Ohms  
TD Transmission delay. seconds  
F Frequency for NL. Hz  
NL Relative wavelength.   0.25
IC initial condition. Voltage and current at each of the transmission line ports. (VA,IA,VB,IB)    

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