The controlled generators described by arbitrary functions allow to define the functional or behavioral models of an analog circuit using mathematical equations. The voltage or current waveform is described by:

V=expression or I=expression

The value of V or I determines the voltage across or current through the device. The expression given for V or I may be any function of voltages and currents.


Input Description
V1 First control voltage.
V2 Second control voltage.
V3 Third control voltage.
I1 First control current.
I2 Second control current.
I3 Third control current.


Parameter Description
Value Expression defining the source waveform. This value is used only if the EXPR parameter is not specified.
EXPR Expression defining the source waveform. If omitted, it will use the expression specified in the value.


Power expression: V1*I1
Voltage summer expression: V1+V2