These symbols represent generic capacitor types.


Parameter Description Units
Value Capacitor value in Farads. Farads
Model The model must be specified only when you want to assign a value to one or both of the temperature coefficients tc1 (coefficient of first order) and tc2 (coefficient of second order) measured in parts per degree centigrade. This parameter is optional.  
IC The initial condition is the initial (time-zero) value of capacitor voltage in Volts. Note that the initial conditions apply 'only' if the UIC (Use Initial Condition) option is enabled in the Transient Analysis dialog box. This parameter is optional. Volts
Tolerance Capacitor tolerance. See Tolerance for the syntax of this parameter. This parameter is optional.  

In some cases, to allow the simulator to determine the operating point of a circuit may be necessary to connect a resistor in parallel to the capacitor. In fact, in the DC analysis the capacitors are considered open circuits. The value of the resistor must be high enough (1Gohm) in order not to influence the behavior of the circuit.