These symbols represent the SPICE standard Inductor.


Parameter Description Units
Value Is the inductance and may be positive or negative but not zero. Henrys
IC The initial condition is the initial (time-zero) value of inductor current. Note that the initial conditions apply 'only' if the UIC (Use Initial Condition) option is enabled in the Transient Analysis dialog box. This parameter is optional. Amps
Tolerance Tolerance refers to the value of the inductor. See Tolerance for the syntax of this parameter. This parameter is optional.  

In some cases, to allow the simulator to determine the operating point of a circuit may be necessary to connect a resistor in series with the inductors. In fact, in the DC analysis the inductors are considered short circuits. The value of the resistor must be sufficiently small (0.001 ohm) in order not to influence the behavior of the circuit.