The switch is a resistor that varies its resistance value depending on the position of the selector of the switch.

The switch is not quite ideal, in that the resistance can not change from 0 to infinity, but must always have a finite positive value. By proper selection of the RESON and RESOFF resistances, they can be effectively zero and infinity in comparison to other circuit elements.

The initial position of the switch can be set during the Setup of the interactive simulation or through the INIT parameter.  During the interactive simulation the position of the switch can be changed by clicking on it with the mouse.

To save the cursor position, right-click on the component to open the menu and select the "Save Position" command. This stores the position in the INIT parameter.


Parameter Description Units Default
INIT Specifies the initial state of the jumper. ON = (C and NO connected). OFF = (C and NC connected).   OFF
RESON On resistance. Ohms 10mΩ
RESOFF Off resistance. Ohms 1GΩ
TSWITCH Switching time. Within the specified time, the resistance value varies continuously between the current value and the new value. Must be greater than zero. s 1ms