The Voltage-Controlled Resistor is a resistor that varies either logarithmically or linearly between specified values of a controlling input voltage.

If LIMIT is disabled, the input is not internally limited. Therefore, if the controlling signal exceeds the specified VOFF state or VON state value, the resistance may become excessively large or excessively small (in the case of logarithmic dependance), or may become negative (in the case of linear dependance).


Parameter Description Units Default
VON Control voltage for RON value. V 1
VOFF Control voltage for ROFF value. V 0
RON Resistance value when the control voltage is VON. ohm 1
ROFF Resistance value when the control voltage is VOFF. ohm 1e9
LOG Logarithmic or linear resistor.   Log
LIMIT Limits the control voltage between VON and VOFF.   Yes