The Limiter is a single input, single output function similar to the Gain Block. However, the output of the Limiter function is restricted to the range specified by the output lower and upper limits.

The limit range is the value below the upper limit and above the lower limit at which smoothing of the output begins. For this model, then, the limit_range represents the delta with respect to the output level at which smoothing occurs. Thus, for an input gain of 2, limit_range of 0.1V and output limits of 1 and -1 volts, the output will begin to smooth out at ±0.9 volts, which occurs when the input value is at ±0.4.

When the limit_range is specified as a fractional value (fraction parameter set to TRUE), it is expressed as the calculated fraction of the difference between out_upper_limit and out_lower_limit.

This model will operate in DC, AC and Transient analysis modes.


Parameter Description Default
in_offset Input offset. 0
gain Gain. 1
out_lower_limit Output lower limit.  
out_upper_limit Output upper limit.  
limit_range Upper and lower smoothing range. 1.0e-6
fraction Used to control whether the limit_range is specified as a fractional (TRUE) or absolute (FALSE) value. FALSE