This function is a summer block with 2 input ports. Individual gains and offsets can be applied to each input and to the output. Each input is added to its respective offset and then multiplied by its gain. The results are then summed, multiplied by the output gain and added to the output offset.

The process can be expressed mathematically as follows:

Output =((((InA + inA_offset) * inA_gain) + ((inB + inB_offset) * inB_gain)) * out_gain) + out_offset

This model operate in DC, AC and Transient analysis modes.


Parameter Description Default
inA_offset A Input offset. 0
inA_gain A Input gain. 1
inB_offset B Input offset. 0
inB_gain B Input gain. 1
out_offset Output offset. 0
out_gain Output gain. 1