Contains the general settings of the document. Available options include document title and setting a password.

Document title

Specify the title of the document.


You can specify a password for opening the document in the graphics editor. The password is only required when the document is opened in the graphics editor. If the document is part of a library it can be opened in a Library Panel freely.

Ignore this document

If this option is checked, the document is excluded from the netlist or from a library.

Hide the document name in the library

If this option is enabled, the document name is not shown when the job is opened in the Libraries panel.

Document information

This section displays some information about the document. All fields are read-only.


Displays the document manager code. This code can be used for external procedures.

Modified by

Displays the name of the user who last edited the document.

Modified at

Displays the date on which the document was last modified.

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