To search for the name of a symbol or component in the open libraries, specify the text string to search in the Find box, set the search mode then click the Find button.

Search mode

The search mode indicates the correspondence between the specified text string and the one to be found.

Option Description

Includes the specified text

Returns all names that include the specified text.

Begins with the specified text

Returns all names starting with the specified text.

Ends with the specified text

Returns all names ending with the specified text.

Use wildcards

You can use the wildcards * and ? to extend your search. The ? character represents any character while * represents any sequence of characters. For example: *74*74*will search for all x74 components belonging to all families and from any manufacturer.

Exact match

Returns all names that match the specified text.

Search from the top

The search is carried out starting from the first element of the library. Normally the search starts from the next element to the selected one.

Upper/lower case

It takes into account the difference between uppercase and lowercase characters.

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