This dialog box allows you to set the properties of the page.


If you use this dialog box to change the properties of more than one page at the same time, a selection box appears to the left of each tab. Changes are saved only for the options included in the tabs for which the corresponding selection box has been activated.


Page name

Specify a name for the page.

Ignore this page

Enable this option to exclude the page from a library or schematic.


These options are related to symbol libraries.

The page describes a single component

Enable this option to indicate that all the symbols defined on the page represent a single component. You can dedicate an entire page to a single component by bringing together in it all the symbols that represent it. In this case, the name of the symbol is the name of the page.

The page is a continuation of the previous

Use this option to merge two or more pages. Symbols are shown on the same page as the library bar.

This page describes an IPC footprint

Enable this option if the page defines the footprints corresponding to the three levels of PCB classification based on component density. See Drawing a three-level footprint.

Basic page properties

Basic page properties include page size, page display style, visible grid style, and coordinate system.

Use the settings defined in the document

To use the values specified on the page, you must set this option to No. See Set the format and style of the pages.

Pages style

Set the page display style.

Grid style

Set the style of the visible grid.

Coordinate class

Choose the coordinate system.

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