When you open , the toolbars that were open for previous use of the program are displayed in the same position.

A toolbar can be movable or attached. Moving toolbars are enclosed in a window and have a title. They can be placed anywhere on the screen area and can be dragged to a new location, resized or docked. The docked toolbar is attached to any edge of the main window. The docked toolbars cannot be resized. To move a docked toolbar, it must be unhooked and dragged into a new anchor position.

To display a toolbar

  • Right-click any toolbar and then select the toolbar you want to display.

To hide a toolbar

Do one of the following:

  • Right-click on the toolbar and then clear the checkbox to the left of the toolbar you want to hide.

  • If the toolbar is mobile, click the Close Displacement point on the toolbar.

To move a toolbar

  • Drag the Move Bar Shift point of a toolbar anchored in its new position.

To anchor a mobile toolbar

  • Drag the title bar of a mobile toolbar to the edge of the program window.

To resize a mobile toolbar

  • To resize a mobile toolbar, move the pointer over one of the edges until it takes the form of a two-way arrow and then drag the edge of the toolbar.

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