The macros menu is displayed by clicking on the arrow below the macros tool in the ribbon and lists commands defined by script-based procedures.

A script-based procedure is a series of commands that executes specific actions when a menu item is selected.


A macro procedure to define commands to be included in the macro menu must define a function that handles specific events as explained in Creating a command macro.

To customize the Macros menu

  1. Click on the macros tool in the ribbon.

  2. A dialog opens in which you can select the scripts to insert in the menu. To insert a script into the menu, select it in the left box and click the Add button. To remove a script from the menu, select it in the right box and click the Remove button.

  3. Click on the Ok button to close the dialog box. The Macros menu is reconfigured according to the selected scripts.



To be listed in the dialog box, the script files must reside in the scripts folder or in the library folder.
For the current user:
For all users:



In the Macros dialog box, click on the Import button to add scripts files. The selected files are copied to the user's scripts folder.

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