The Drawlogix application.

Inheritance Hierarchy


Static Methods

Name Description
Delay Pauses the application for the specified time.
Format Writes formatted data to a string.
GetActiveDocument Returns the active document.
GetActiveLayer Returns the active layer.
GetActivePage Returns the active page.
GetActiveProject Returns the active project.
GetActiveView Returns the active view.
GetFolder Returns the complete path to the application folders.
GetLibraryPanel Returns the specified library panel.
GetJob Returns the object corresponding to the current Job.
GetMenu Gets the menu of macro commands.
GetProgressBar Gets the progress bar.
GetTempFile Returns the full path to a temporary file name.
MessageBox Displays a dialog box that contains a system icon, a set of buttons, and a brief message.
NewJob Create a new Job.
OpenJob Opens an existing Job.
Printf Prints formatted output to the standard output stream.
Trace Prints formatted output to the standard output stream only if the script is executed in debug mode.

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