Create a solid 3D helicoid. The helicoid is drawn parallel to the XY-plane of the coordinate system and has its center at coordinates 0,0.

new DlxHelicoid(rToroid, startRadius, dRadius, startHeight, dHeight, startAngle, sweepAngle, style)


Parameter Description
rToroid The radius of the toroid.
startRadius The initial radius of the helicoid.
dRadius The variation of the helicoid radius for each ring.
startHeight Initial coordinate along the z axis of the first ring of the helicoid.
dHeight The increment along the z-axis of each ring of the helicoid.
startAngle Initial angle in the X-Y plane of beginning of the helicoid.
sweepAngle Number of revolutions around the z axis. Every 360 degrees a complete ring is drawn.
style A Dlx3DStyle object or the index of the style. There are 10 styles available with indexes from 0 to 9.


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function OnBuild3DModel()
  var ctx = FWiz.Get3DModelCtx();
  var style = FWiz.Get3DStyle(0);
  var obj = new DlxHelicoid(2, 20, 0, 0, 6, 0, 1800, style);

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