The Ellipse object.

Inheritance Hierarchy



Name Description
GetArcShape Determines whether an arc is open or closed.
GetCenterPoint Gets the center point of the ellipse.
GetEndAngle Gets the end angle of the arc.
GetEndPoint Gets the end point of the arc.
GetFlags Gets the flags of the ellipse.
GetHorAxis Gets the length of the horizontal axis of the ellipse.
GetQPoint Gets the specified quadrant point.
GetStartAngle Gets the starting angle of the arc.
GetStartPoint Gets the starting point of the arc.
GetVerAxis Gets the length of the vertical axis of the ellipse.
IsArcCCW Determine the direction of an arc.
SetArcCCW Sets the direction of the arc.
SetArcShape Set the shape of the arc.
SetAxes Sets the length of the axes of the ellipse.
SetCenterPoint Set the center of the ellipse.
SetEndAngle Sets the arc end angle.
SetStartAngle Sets the arc start angle.

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