A library device.

Inheritance Hierarchy



Name Description
AddFootprint Adds a footprint for the device.
AddRepeatString Fills a line on the repetition tab in the component properties dialog.
AddSymbolSection Adds a new section in the symbol.
AddSymbolSectionPin Re-maps the pins of the basic symbol of the section.
BeginSymbolDefinition Starts defining the symbol to add to the symbol list for the device.
EndSymbolDefinition Finishes the definition of the symbol to be added to the symbol list of the device.
SetAttribute Sets the value of the specified attribute.
SetDatasheetLink Sets a reference to the technical documentation of the component.
SetDescription Sets a brief description of the device.
SetDeviceClass Sets the family to which the device belongs.
SetDeviceName Call this function to specify the name of the device.
SetIcon Sets the component icon.
SetManufacturer Sets the name of the device manufacturer.
SetManufacturerPartNo Sets the produce code for this device.
SetName Call this function to specify the name of the library record.
SetReferencePrefix Sets the reference prefix.

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