The DlxPoint defines the x and y coordinates of a point.

Inheritance Hierarchy



Name Description
x Specifies the x-coordinate of the point.
y Specifies the y-coordinate of the point.


Name Description
DlxPoint Constructs a DlxPoint object.


Name Description
ArcAngle Calculates the angle of the arc of a circle identified by the specified point.
CirclePoint Calculates the coordinates of the point on the circumference.
CopyPoint Copies a DlxPoint object.
Distance Calculates the distance between the two points.
Invalidate Invalidate the point.
IsValid Check that the point is valid.
MidPoint Calculates the coordinates of the midpoint.
Offset Adds values to the x and y members of the DlxPoint.
OffsetX Adds values to the x member of the DlxPoint.
OffsetY Adds values to the y member of the DlxPoint.

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