The list of selected objects in a graphic document.

Inheritance Hierarchy



Name Description
AddObject Adds an element to the selection list.
Connect To connect a component.
Delete Deletes the selected objects from the drawing.
Disconnect To disconnect a component.
Empty Removes all the elements from this selection.
GetBoundingBox Gets the rectangle enclosing all objects in the selection.
GetCount Returns the number of elements in this selection.
GetHeadObject Returns the head element of the selection.
GetHeadObjectIterator Returns the iterator of the head element of the selection.
GetHotspot Returns the hotspot of the selection.
GetNextObject Gets the next object for iterating.
GetPrevObject Gets the previous object for iterating.
GetTailObjectIterator Returns the iterator of the tail element of the selection.
Group Create a new group.
IsEmpty Tests for the empty selection condition (no elements).
IsValid Returns true if the object is a valid selection otherwise returns false.
MirrorH Reflects the selected objects horizontally.
MirrorV Reflects the selected objects vertically.
Move Moves the selected objects.
RemoveObject Removes an element from this selection.
Rotate Rotates the selected objects.
Scale Scales the selected objects.
SelectAll Selects all objects in the drawing.
SetHotspot Sets the hotspot of the selection.
Ungroup Separate the objects in the group.

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