The Transient analysis computes the transient output variables as a function of time. An Operating Point analysis is automatically performed prior to a Transient analysis to determine the DC bias of the circuit, unless the UIC option is enabled. All sources which are not time dependent (for example, power supplies) are set to their dc value.


Enter a brief description of the type of analysis. The text entered is the title of the document in which the simulation results will be stored.

Max Step Time

Specifies the maximum time interval between two successive simulation steps. Generally it is not necessary to specify this parameter because the algorithm used by the program is sufficiently accurate in the choice of the interval of simulation. In some cases to improve the accuracy of the results it can be necessary to limit the maximum interval of simulation keeping in mind that a smaller interval of simulation will assure a greater precision to expenses of a greater time of simulation; while a greater interval will reduce the accuracy of the simulation and the profile of the signal can be distorted or even omitted.


The UIC (Use Initial Conditions) option specified in this box indicates how the initial conditions are to be determined (at time t = 0). If this box is not checked, an Operating Point analysis is automatically performed before a transient analysis, which determines the initial solution at t = 0. If this box is checked, the preliminary Operating Point analysis is not performed and the value of each voltage and current is zero except for those voltages and currents initialized by the IC parameter belonging to the corresponding circuit element or by the instruction .IC. For more information on the initial conditions for transient analysis, see the .IC instruction in the Simulator Reference Guide.


Specify the temperature at which the simulation will be performed.


Click on this button to activate the dialog box in which to set the options of the simulator. The options set are only valid for the current analysis and replace those defined in the general tab of the simulator options.

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