Simulations, especially multiple simulations, can produce a large amount of data, causing excessive memory usage and lower simulation speed. To reduce the amount of data that is stored during a simulation it may be convenient to specify the names of only the vectors of interest, in this case only the data related to the specified vectors will be stored.

To select the vectors to be saved during a simulation, select one of the options available in the Collect Data For section of the analysis setup dialog box.

Signals and Parameters

In the left pane of this dialog box, all the available vectors are listed. Select a vector from the list and click on the Include button to include it among the vectors to be stored during the course of the simulation.


To add an expression that has as operands the vectors generated by the simulation click on Add. Select a vector and click the Edit button to edit the expression.

Select a vector and click the Remove button to delete a vector or click the Clear button to remove all vectors.

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