Define Variable

This command is used to create and define the value of a symbolic variable. It substitutes a text string with another text string within the netlist.

A .DEFINE statement can be used inside a subcircuit definition to establish local subcircuit variables.

.DEFINE <variable name> <text>


variable name

The variable name cannot start with a number.


The replacement text string can contain any characters.


DEFINE statements are only processed in a forward direction. Define statements are usually placed at the beginning of the netlist in order to apply them to all subsequent entries.

This command can be used to easily change model names that are used numerous times, or to easily shorten long phrases. In the example below, every occurrence of the string 'PWRBJT' will be replaced by its substitute text string 'TIP33C'.



Q1 1 2 3 PWRBJT
Q2 4 5 6 PWRBJT  

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