Command statements are text strings which begin with a period.

Command Description
.AC Small-Signal AC analysis
.DC DC transfer function
.DEFINE Define Symbolic Variable
.DISTO Distortion analysis
.FOUR Fourier analysis of transient analysis out
.FUNC Defines functions used in expressions
.LIB Library file
.NOISE Noise analysis
.OP Operating Point analysis
.PZ Pole-Zero analysis
.SENS DC or AC sensitivity snalysis
.TF Transfer function analysis
.TRAN Transient analysis
.IC Set initial conditions
.INCLUDE Include file
.NODESET Specify initial node voltage guesses
.MODEL Model definition
.SUBCKT Start subcircuit definition
.END S End of subcircuit definition
.PRINT Creates a table with the results of the analysis
.PLOT Creates a diagram with the results of the analysis
.SAVE Specifies which vectors are to be saved
.PARAM Parameter definition
.DATA Start data definition
.ENDD End data definition
.OPTIONS Analysis options
.END It marks the end of the description of the circuit