Specify Initial Node Voltage Guesses

The NODESET line helps the program find the dc or initial transient solution by making a preliminary pass with the specified nodes held to the given voltages. The restriction is then released and the iteration continues to the true solution. The .NODESET line may be necessary for convergence on bistable or a-stable circuits. In general, this line should not be necessary.

The voltages at different nodes of the circuit can be specified by the following instruction:

.NODESET < V(<node>) = <value> >*

This command is effective for the bias point (both small-signal and transient bias points) and for the first step of the DC sweep. It has no effect during the rest of the DC sweep, nor during a transient analysis.

Unlike the .IC (initial bias point condition) command, .NODESET provides only an initial guess for some initial values. It does not clamp those nodes to the specified voltages.



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