Controlled Digital Oscillator

The digital oscillator is a hybrid model which accepts as input a voltage or current. This input is compared to the voltage-to-frequency transfer characteristic specified by the cntl_array/freq_array coordinate pairs, and a frequency is obtained which represents a linear interpolation or extrapolation based on those pairs. A digital time-varying signal is then produced with this fundamental frequency.

The output waveform, which is the equivalent of a digital clock signal, has rise and fall delays which can be specified independently. In addition, the duty cycle and the phase of the waveform are also variable and can be set by you.

Port Table

Description Direction Default Type Allowed Types Vector Vector Bounds Null Allowed
control input IN v v,vd,i,id NO   NO
Output OUT d d NO   NO

Parameter Table

Name Description Data Type Default Value Limits Vector Vector Bounds Null Allowed
cntl_array control array Real 0.0   YES 2 / - NO
freq_array frequency array Real 1.0e6 0 / - YES 2 / - NO
duty_cycle output duty cycle Real 0.5 1.0e-6 / 0.999999 NO   YES
init_phase initial phase of output Real 0.0 -180.0 / +360.0 NO   YES
rise_delay rise delay Real 1.0e-9 0 / - NO   YES
fall_delay fall delay Real 1.0e-9 0 / - NO   YES

Error Messages

D_0SC: Error allocating VCO block storage

Generic block storage allocation error.

D_0SC: Size of control array different than frequency array

Error occurs when there is a different number of control array members than frequency array members.

D_0SC: The extrapolated value for frequency
has been found to be negative...
Lover frequency level has been clamped to 0.0 Hz.

Occurs whenever a control voltage is input to a model which would ordinarily (given the specified control/freq coordinate points) cause that model to attempt to generate an output oscillating at zero frequency. In this case, the output will be clamped to some DC value until the control voltage returns to a more reasonable value.


a5 1 8 var_clock
.model var_clock d_osc(cntl_array = [-2 -1 1 2]
+                      freq.array = [le3 le3 10e3 10e3] 
+                      duty.cycle = 0.4 init_phase = 180.0 
+                      rise_delay = 10e-9 fall_delay = 8e-9)

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