Digital-to-Analog Converter

The digital to analog converter takes as input a digital value from the binary inputs and converts the decimal value in an analog voltage. If the write input is low, the analog voltage is calculated every time an input bit changes. If write input is high the analog output voltage do not change. Following a change on one or more of the binary inputs, the analog output changes linearly from the old state to the new state over the specified TSW time.

This model also posts an input load value (in farads) based on the parameter input_load.

Port Table

Description Direction Default Type Allowed Types Vector Vector Bounds Null Allowed
Write IN d d NO   NO
Input IN d d YES 1 / - NO
Vref+ IN v v,vd,i,id,vnam NO   NO
Vref- IN v v,vd,i,id,vnam NO   NO
Output OUT v v,vd,i,id NO   NO

Parameter Table

Name Description Data Type Default Value Limits Vector Null Allowed
tsw switching time, from change in input data to a stable output Real 1.0e-9 1e-12 / - NO YES
input_load capacitive input load (F) Real 1.0e-12   NO YES


adac1 1 [2 3 4 5] 6 7 8 dacl
.model dacl dac(tsw=1.0e-6 input_load=5.Oe-12)

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