The XSpice transformer uses two LCOUPLE models and one CORE model to produce a simple primary/secondary transformer.


Parameter Description Default
PRIT Primary number of turns 1
PRIL Primary leakage inductance 1µH
PRIR Primary resistance 0.1 ohms
SECT Secondary number of turns 1
SECL Secondary leakage inductance 1µH
SECR Secondary resistance 0.1 ohms
H_array magnetic field array 0 1
B_array flux density array 0 1
area cross-sectional area 1
length core length 1
input_domain input smoothing domain 0.01
fraction smoothing fractional/abs switch (True,False) TRUE
mode mode switch (PWL, HYST) PWL
in_low input low value 0.0
in_high input high value 1.0
hyst hysteresis 0.1
out_lower_limit output lower limit 0.0
out_upper_limit output upper limit 1.0

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