Using the scroll bars

Se il livello d'ingrandimento non consente di visualizzare l'intero disegno, รจ possibile far scorrere la finestra di modifica in modo da cambiare la porzione visibile del disegno, senza modificare il livello d'ingrandimento, utilizzando le barre di scorrimento. The scrollbars are available in each drawing window. The size of the mobile button in relation to the scroll bar indicates the current magnification level, while its position indicates the portion of the drawing currently displayed. You can click on top or bottom of the mobile button to move the viewpoint in big steps. Click on the arrows on the scrollbars to move the viewpoint in small steps. To quickly change the point of view you can drag the mobile button.

Using the navigator

You can quickly move from one point to another in the current drawing by simply clicking with the mouse in the graphics area of the navigator.

Automatic scrolling

In some situations, such as when moving an object, the drawing scrolls through the edit window automatically when the mouse pointer is at the edges of the window.

To set the speed of automatic scrolling

  1. Choose Application properties from the Settings menu or press the key combination CTRL+ALT+A.

  2. In the Documents tab of the Application Properties dialog, click on the Graphics Editor tab.

  3. Specify the value of the parameter Width of the automatic scrolling.

  4. Specify the value of the parameter Scroll period.

  5. Click Ok.

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