This section of the guide contains basic information about and its working environment.

The workspace provides the tools you need to edit schematic and PCB documents. This area is customizable and you can therefore modify its appearance to adapt it to your needs of use.


To reset the default layout of the workspace, activate the option: Settings » Application properties » Environment » Reset interface on next run

The appearance of the work area after installation is shown below:



The main button opens the File menu and allows you to perform operations such as saving files, printing the drawing and exiting the application.


The ribbon provides a compact palette of all of the tools necessary to create or modify your drawing.
For more information, see About the Ribbon.


The toolbar contains buttons for accessing many common actions and changing how a page is displayed.
For more information, see Menus and Toolbars.


The panels facilitate the work, making the necessary tools immediately available.
For more information, see Panels.


The status bar displays important information.
For more information, see Status bar.


The Quick Access Toolbar displays frequently used tools.
For more information, see Quick Access Toolbar.


The system buttons allow you to adjust application settings, manage windows and view help.


The edit window allows you to visually edit documents.
For more information, see Edit window.

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