The number of objects in a drawing and their complexity affect the program's response to commands and the speed with which the drawing is displayed or printed. If the situation requires it, it is possible to improve the speed of the program by disabling the display of some objects. When the display of an object is disabled, the object is represented with an empty rectangle. You can disable the display of the following objects:

  1. Bitmap

  2. Metafile

  3. Included objects (OLE)

To disable the display of image objects

  1. Choose Application properties from the Settings menu or press the key combination CTRL+ALT+A.

  2. In the Application properties dialog box, click the Documents tab.

  3. In the Drawing editor section, do the following:
    Select For

    Show Image Objects

    Choose whether to make visible the bitmap images included in the document.

    Show OLE objects

    Choose whether to make OLE objects included in the document visible.

  4. Click Ok.

If the drawing consists of several layers, you can temporarily hide an entire layer See the Layer Setup dialog box.

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