Contains options for PCB documents.


The following options allow you to customize your PCB editor.

Text style of pad numbers

Choose the style for the pad numbers.

Size of dots representing the holes

This parameter determines the diameter of the symbol that indicates the center of the holes in the drill layers.


To display the center of the holes, include a layer of type holes in the view and activate the Show Point option in the Show Holes tab of the Layers Setup dialog.

Recalculate the copper areas on the fly

By activating this option, copper areas are recalculated more frequently.


Activates the DRC in the track drawing

Choose whether the DRC should be active when drawing tracks. If the DRC is active and the track you are drawing violates the design rules, an error message appears highlighting the track and/or contact point.

Track color for incorrect DRC

Choose the color with which to highlight the track that violates the design rules.


Show Ratsnest

This option allows you to show or hide connection lines in all views. To show or hide connection lines in a single view you must set the visibility of the Nets layer in that view.


Connection lines are visible if the view includes the Nets layer, if it is visible and if the Display Ratsnest option is set to Yes.

Ratsnest hidden during the drawing of the tracks

Choose whether connection lines should be hidden automatically when drawing a track.

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