This window allows you to set the parameters to define the style of the Bus Entry objects.


A Bus Entry object is an entry or exit line from the Bus and is characterized by two points. The first point is the anchor point to the bus, while the second is the electrical terminal. The options of this group allow to set the parameters related to the style of the line between these two points and which constitutes the visual representation of the entrance to the Bus.


Specify the width of the oblique stroke.


Specify the height of the oblique stroke.


Specify the length, i.e. the distance between the end of the oblique stroke and the end point. This value must be calculated so that the end point is centered on the grid.


Selects the style from those available for the pen. To add a new pen style, click Style Manager. To make the pin invisible, select None.


The parameters belonging to this group allow you to define the style and position of the name.


Determines the horizontal position of the name relative to the endpoint.


Determines the vertical position of the name relative to the endpoint.


Select the style of the name.

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