This window allows you to set the parameters to define the style of the labels.


Sets the size of the label body.


Specify the width of the label.


Specify the height of the label.


Specifies the shape of the edges of the label body. The value is in percent. A value of 0 produces a square label. The value 100 produces a round label.


Specifies the width of the margins inside the body of the label.


Specify the width of the horizontal margin.


Specify the width of the vertical margin.


Always at the center

If this box is checked, the label body is centered on the vertex of the reference line.

Pen style

Select the style of the line that forms the stem of the label.

Text style

Sets the style that determines the appearance of the label body and text.

Shadow style

Select the shading to apply to the label, or select None to not add the effect.

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