The .DATA statement defines a block of text. A data name can be used in place of file name in the circuit description.

A .DATA statement can be used inside a subcircuit definition to establish local subcircuit data block. Data blocks defined in the main circuit file are applied to all subcircuits. Data blocks defined in a subcircuit apply only within the subcircuit definition. The general form is:

.DATA <name>

The name that is used to refer to a particular block of data. It can not start with a number.


a5 [1 2 3 4 5] [6] ffmodel
.model ffmodel d_table(delay=10ns table_file=fftable param1=8ns param2=5ns)
.DATA fftable
*----- begin Flip-Flop table -----
 CLR  PRE  CE  D  C  |  Q
 H    L    X   X  X  |  L (param1)
 L    H    X   X  X  |  H (param2)
 L    L    L   X  X  |  Q
 L    L    H   L  R  |  L
 L    L    H   H  R  |  H
*---------- end table ------------

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