A component library is a collection of cards and folders. Each card represents a component. Folders allow you to organize components by type, function, manufacturer, etc. Each card contains all the information necessary to be able to use the component in schematics and PCBs. Particularly in the card of a component are included:

  1. The electric symbol.

  2. The footprint for the PCB.

  3. The model for the simulator.

Documents of the component library type

Library documents allow you to organize symbols and components in archives that can be consulted during the creation of a drawing or a schematic. When you open a file within the Library Panel, the symbols and components defined in the file are listed. Symbols can be transferred from the library pane into the drawing by simply dragging the symbol into the drawing document window.

To create a component library

  1. Create a new Job as described in Create a new Job.

  2. Create a new project for each volume in the library. See Creating a new project in the Job.

  3. Create a library document in your projects for each chapter of the volume. See Creating a new document.

  4. Create folders and component cards in your documents as shown in Add components to the library.

  5. Save the Job.

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