Groups can be decomposed into the objects that compose them. For example, to make changes to only a few objects in a group, without involving the others, you can temporarily separate the group and, after making the changes, group all the objects again.

To separate objects

Perform the following operations:

  1. Select the group to be divided.

  2. Choose the command Graphic » Group » Ungroup or click the button in the toolbar.

The Ungroup command deletes the grouping applied to objects. The group is deleted and its individual objects are added to the document. The appearance of objects does not change when they are separated. The status line, however, indicates that multiple objects are selected. If you have grouped groups of objects, the Ungroup command allows you to separate one level at a time.


When you split a group, the status attributes (visibility, protection, etc.), name, description, and any other internal attributes assigned to the group are lost.


You can temporarily save the internal attributes of an object by copying them to the clipboard and then restore them after re-grouping the objects.

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