Drawings are composed of graphic objects, i.e. lines, circles, polygons and other geometric shapes. Electrical schemas are composed of graphic objects and electrical objects: components, wires, buses and ports. Device, Pad, Via and Trace are specific to PCBs. Other objects such as hotspots, frames and pins are specific for creating symbol libraries. Each graphic object is an individual entity. This means that it can be moved, copied, resized, modified independently of all other objects in the drawing.

Place objects

Objects can be created using the drawing tools provided by the graphic editor. The tool is automatically activated depending on the type of object to be created.

The drawing tools allow you to specify the coordinates of the points and the dimensions of the objects using the mouse, but many parameters necessary for the creation of the objects can also be specified through appropriate dialog boxes that can be viewed by pressing the INS key.

With all drawing tools you can:

  • Press the ESC key to cancel the entered values and close the instrument;

  • press the INS key to display a dialog box in which you can directly specify the parameters necessary to describe the object;

  • press the F8 key to temporarily disable the grid snap;

  • press the F9 key to temporarily disable the angle snap;

  • press the F10 key to temporarily disable the object snap;

  • press the right mouse button to display the tool menu. The tool menu contains the tool commands and options;

Edit objects

You can select objects, view and edit their properties, and perform general and specific editing operations. All the characteristic parameters of an object are displayed in its properties window where you can edit them accurately.


To view and edit the properties of objects, you must first select them.

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