You can create a 3-point rectangle by drawing first the base line and then the height. You can also draw a rectangle or square with rounded corners. You can change each corner individually or apply the changes to all corners.

To draw a rectangle

  1. Choose the command Graphics » Rectangle » Three points or click the tool in the toolbar.

  2. Specify the starting point.

  3. Specify the length and inclination. You can use the pointing device or you can open the dialog box for entering values. In the dialog box, the coordinates of the final vertex can be specified as follows:

    • By typing the point coordinates directly.

    • By specifying the offset from the starting point.

    • Specifying the inclination of the line relative to the horizontal axis and its length.

  4. Specify the height of the rectangle.

The rectangle is created with the current pen style and is filled with the current fill style.

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