You can create a copper area by copying the shape of another object. This command is useful for copying the shape of objects of different types.

Creates a copper area from the geometry of the object copied to the clipboard. The objects that export their form to the clipboard are as follows: Line, Curve, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Shape, Courtyard, Board, Copper, Cutout, Keepout, Deletion.

To create a copper area

Perform the following operations:

  1. Select the object from which to copy the shape.

  2. Copy the geometry of the object to the clipboard. Choose the Edit » Copy command or click the button in the toolbar.

  3. Create the copper object by reading the geometry from the clipboard. Choose the command PCB » Copper » Filling » Paste Shape or click the button in the toolbar.
    The copper area is created at the center of the PCB.

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