Draws a curve that approximates the path drawn with the mouse. You can determine the precision with which the curve is adapted to the freehand sketch by setting the minimum length (increment) of the line segments. Short line segments allow for greater accuracy, but can significantly increase the size of the data.

To set the precision of the freehand drawing

  1. Choose Application properties from the Settings menu or press the key combination CTRL+ALT+A.

  2. In the Documents tab of the Application Properties dialog, click on the Drawing Editor tab and specify the value of the Resolution freehand drawing parameter.

  3. Click Ok.

To draw a curve

  1. Choose the Graphics » Curve » Freehand command or click the tool in the toolbar.

  2. Place the mouse pointer on the point where you want to start the curve.

  3. Click and drag the mouse to draw the curve.

  4. Release the mouse button or press ENTER to end the curve.
    Press C to close the curve.
    The tool remains active and you can start a new curve or you can press ESC to end the command.

The curve is created with the current pen style.

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