This command allows you to draw a circular or elliptical keepout area by specifying the two opposite vertices of the rectangle surrounding the area.

  1. Select the layer on which to draw the keepout area. Keepout objects can be created on the Keepout layer or on any copper layer. Objects placed on the Keepout layer create keepout areas on all copper layers.

  2. Choose the PCB » Board » keepout » Ellipse command or click the tool in the toolbar.

  3. Specify the start vertex.

  4. Complete the ellipse by specifying the final vertex. You can use the pointing device or you can open the dialog box for entering values. In the dialog box, the coordinates of the final vertex can be specified as follows:

    • By typing the point coordinates directly.

    • By specifying the offset from the starting point.

    • Specifying the inclination of the line relative to the horizontal axis and its length.

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