You can create a keepout area by copying the shape of another object. This command is useful for copying the shape of objects of different types.

Creates a keepout from the geometry of the object copied to the clipboard. The objects that export their form to the clipboard are as follows: Line, Curve, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Shape, Courtyard, Board, Copper, Cutout, Keepout, Deletion.

To create a keepout

Perform the following operations:

  1. Select the object from which to copy the shape.

  2. Copy the geometry of the object to the clipboard. Choose the Edit » Copy command or click the button in the toolbar.

  3. Select the layer on which to draw the keepout area. Keepout objects can be created on the Keepout layer or on any copper layer. Objects placed on the Keepout layer create keepout areas on all copper layers.

  4. Create the keepout object by reading the geometry from the clipboard. Choose the PCB » Board » keepout » Paste Shape or click the button in the toolbar.
    The keepout area is created in the center of the PCB.

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