To add a reference object, you must specify the prefix to be used for the component. The prefix consists of an abbreviation followed by the character ? like R?, U? Etc. During automatic component annotation, the "? " character is replaced with the Component's sequential number.


A reference object can only exist freely within the rectangle of an object Frame. Otherwise you need to insert it into one of the following objects: symbol, sheet, device.

To add a reference

  1. Choose the Library » Reference command or click on the tool in the toolbar. The Reference properties dialog box opens where you can specify the name. To create a series of consecutive references, also specify the initial index in the Index field. In this case the full name consists of a fixed part and a variable index. In the name must be specified the fixed part using the character % to indicate the position in which to enter the index. If the value of the index does not represent a number then the index will be alphabetical rather than numerical. The index value is automatically increased by one, you can specify a different value for the increment by separating it from the index with a comma.

  2. To place the reference in the drawing, also specify the coordinates of the origin.

  3. Click on OK to close the dialog box. If the coordinates of the origin have not been entered, then the reference is created and hooked to the mouse cursor. Drag the mouse to position the object and click to insert it into the drawing.

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