A Sheet type object is used to represent a sub-page in a multi-page hierarchical drawing. Graphically, it usually consists of a rectangle but can take any form.

The objects Sheet Port shall be used for signal input and output. Each Sheet Port must correspond to a Port on the page connected to the sheet object.

Commands for the sheet object

Command Description

Schematic » Sheet » Place Sheet

Draws a rectangular Sheet object by specifying two opposite vertices.

Schematic » Sheet » Group to Sheet

Creates a Sheet object by grouping existing objects.

Schematic » Sheet » From Schematic

Creates a Sheet object from an existing schematics.

Schematic » Sheet » Insert

Adds objects to a Sheet.

Schematic » Sheet » Remove

Removes objects from a Sheet.

Schematic » Sheet » Split

Separates the objects that compose the Sheet.

Schematic » Sheet » Place Sheet Port

Adds one or more ports to the sheet Object.

How to create a sheet object

How to modify a sheet

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