This command allows you to draw a track that forms a certain angle with respect to the reference track.

To draw a track

  1. Select the reference track.

  2. Choose the PCB » Track » With Angle command or click the tool in the toolbar.

  3. In the dialog box, specify the angle.

  4. Specify the starting point.

  5. Complete the track by specifying the end point. You can use the pointing device or you can open the dialog box for entering values. In the dialog box, the coordinates of the endpoint can be specified as follows:

    • By typing the point coordinates directly.

    • By specifying the offset from the starting point.

    • Specifying the inclination of the line relative to the horizontal axis and its length.

    To change the angle, press A and specify the new angle.

If the track starts on a pad, the routing style set for the class of the connection to which the pad belongs is used, otherwise the current routing style is used.

If the DRC is active and the track you are drawing violates the design rules, an error message appears highlighting the track and/or contact point. See To activate the DRC in the track drawing.

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